About Us

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North Valley Swim LLC has been in business over 10 years and we finally have enough customers to hire swimming instructors to be available all week long in your area!

We have an office in the heart of Los Angeles where we interview candidates all summer long to make sure that we hire the best candidates available!

Our face-to-face interview process includes thorough questionnaires, scenario drills, customer feed back, background checks, uniform and equipment distributions, reference checks and much more!

We are using our ability to provide quality staff to our advantage to be able to have swimming instructors that are experienced and qualified to provide services in a city near you!

We provide lessons at any pool!

What is the process?


1.) Purchase the amount of lessons you are requesting.

2.) One of our representatives will contact you for the dates you are requesting.

3.) Swim!


Paying on the go and online is the best way to book your lessons! No more worries about cancelling for appointments, rainy days, lost checks and cash handling!

Find out which one of your favorite instructors is on the clock today!!

We have hundreds of clients and provide a service that is insured to all of them!

Learn to SWIM TODAY!

(818) 448 - 5932